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A monument which is considered to be most beautiful building ever build in human history, a place recognized as world heritage by UNESCO, TAJ MAHAL is leaving the visitors in awe of its beauty since past 3 centuries. Taj Mahal which is constructed in 17th century by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj is known as ‘paradigm of love’ and ‘monument of immeasurable intricate beauty’ all around the world. This majestic monument is standing on banks of Yamuna River and located in historical city Agra. The name Taj Mahal was derived from name of Shah Jahan’s wife Mumtaj Mahal which also means ‘Crown Palace’. At the time of dawn when first tender sun rays fall on its dome, it radiates bright golden hues. And at the time of dusk, catching moonlight all over it shines like an intricately shaped diamond. Taj Mahal has been major attraction for people who love history and historical architecture. Our well organized Taj Mahal tour packages allow visitors to experience the ultimate beauty of Taj Mahal and understand its history thoroughly.


As mentioned earlier, Taj Mahal is not only known for its beauty but for it’s historical and archeological importance as well. Top 5 reasons why you should visit this amazing place at least once in a life time are as follows:

  1. HISTORY BEHIND CONSTRUCTION OF TAJ MAHAL:  Shah Jahan called his beloved wife Mumtaj Mahal which means ‘most precious ornament of the palace’ or ‘chosen one of the palace’ where her original name was Arjumand Banu Begum. Mumtaj took her last breath in 1631 and very devastated and inconsolable Shan Jahan decided to build a monument in memory of his wife and to protect her remains forever. It took 22 years for 22000 workers, artists and laborers all around the world to construct this monument. And Shah Jahan spent almost 32 million Rupees for its construction.
  2. THE ARCHITECTURE OF TAJ MAHAL: Taj Mahal is spread across area of 42 crores in total. Everything about Taj Mahal, 2 complexes on both side, the gardens; it’s completely symmetrical. Taj Mahal is classic example of Mughal architecture as its Islamic style Tomb is prominent feature of Taj Mahal.  Architecture of Taj Mahal is exotic combination of Indian, Persian and Islamic architectural styles.
  3. MAIN GATEWAY OR THE SOUTHERN GATE: First thing that catches your attention as soon as you pass security check is the southern gate which is also known as DARWAZA-I RAUZA or GATE OF MAUSOLEUM which is main entrance of Taj Mahal. It is made of red bricks of sandstone. It has Arabic calligraphy bordering the doorway which is nothing but quotes from the holy Quran. There are 22 small domes on other side of gateway all of these aspects justify why it took so many years to complete the construction.
  4. CHAR BAGH (GARDEN): Char bag is the garden in front premises of Taj Mahal which is spread across total 300 sq meter. It’s basically divided into equal 4 quadrants complementing overall beauty of Taj Mahal.


There’s no such thing as inappropriate time or best time to visit Taj Mahal. You can visit Taj Mahal in any season, at any point of time in a year as per your convenience. No matter what season or what time, Taj Mahal will not stop leaving the visitors stunned by its absolute gorgeousness. But in months of summer visitors have to bear high threshold of heat that’s why it is advised to visit Taj Mahal between October to March. It’s to be noted that Taj Mahal radiates different hues with every passing hour. But beauty of Taj Mahal is at its best at sunrise, sunset and under a full moon night.


Our Taj Mahal tour packages allows you to enter the historical era and witness the beauty of one of the seven wonders in the world without having to worry about how and when. Our Agra tour packages and Uttar Pradesh tour packages also includes tour to Taj Mahal, so you can opt for those tours as well according to your preference. Comfortable transport system, healthy traditional lunch and snacks services, and taking overall good care of our tourists make our tour packages attractive and worth a go! So what are you waiting for? Book a Taj Mahal tour packages with Yogmaya Travels right now for you and your family and experience greatness of Indian history.


Day 1: Goa (Arrival)

Upon your arrival at Delhi Airport, you will be greeted by our representative. On the scheduled date and on scheduled time, you will occupie your seat in the bus booked by us to reach Agra. Agra is at a distance of 204 km from Delhi which takes approximately 4 to 5 hours. If you want to travel to Agra by Railway or flight options can be made available as per demand. Benefit of travelling to Agra by road is that you can visit Sikandra, Mathura and Vrindavn during the journey. On reaching Agra after a good traditional lunch you will be taken to visit Taj Mahal which is at a small distance of 3.9 km by car or any other available transport system. After taking a stroll inside precincts of this monument you can also visit a museum inside Taj complex, tickets of which can be availed from booking counter on the spot. You can also engage yourself in shopping from handicrafts counters inside Taj Complex or Shilaphaat in Shilagram located 750 meters away from Taj Mahal. After spending entire day in premises of this gorgeous monument you leave for Delhi by entering the bus booked by us. Your tour to Taj Mahal ends with lots of beautiful memories and wish to visit it once again.


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